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Organizing Retail Fitouts in India.
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Using advanced AI Driven Technological systems, we enable retailers to build new retail stores and maintain existing ones without an in-house projects team.
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Amit Bansal

We are on a mission to create a retail expansion playbook that enables brands to open their offline stores at a click of a button.

Amit Bansal CEO

    Helping retail chains in building new stores at a "Click of a Button"

    Organized brick-&-mortar retailing has increased 10x times in India since 2012 and is currently a $100 Bn market. With tier-II markets becoming viable for premium goods and services, organized retail is projected to double up by 2025. However, building a retail store is still very difficult in India because the suppliers of retail fit-outs (i.e. Civil work, furniture, branding etc.) are largely unorganized.

    At 91Squarefeet, we have advanced AI Driven Technological systems to navigate the myriad of possible challenges involved in opening a retail store; a diverse network of reliable and cost-effective suppliers spread across the country, and a proven track record to save you both time and money.

    Our Mission

    To Digitize the Retail Fitouts Supply Chain for various Brands looking for Offline Expansion across India.

    Our Vision

    To Become a One-Stop Expansion Partner for Organized Retailers across the country.

    Our Values

    Infuse the idea of Leadership, Collaboration, Integrity, Accountability & Passion in each individual.

    Our Culture

    Create a strong culture where the entire team lifts each other up in good & bad times.

    OuR Team

    It all started with their Vision

    Meet our Leadership Team who is passionately working to revolutionize the entire retail ecosystem.

    Amit Bansal

    Amit Bansal

    CEO, Co-Founder

    Amit Mishra

    Amit Mishra

    Director, Co-Founder

    Puneet Bansal

    Puneet Bansal

    Co-Founder, Product

    Accelerate your Offline Retail Store Footprint

    LIFE AT 91squarefeet

    91Squarefeet is an optimistic and
    exciting place to work

    We’re building a brand that believes in celebrating small wins and big milestones alike. That’s why, we party and have great team activities every now and then. We believe in making each and every team member fall in love with the brand culture that we are creating.

    Want to Join Our Team?

    91Squarefeet is home to tech magicians, savvy salespeople, sharp designers, and others you’d enjoy getting to know. Come join us! We’re always looking for smart, experienced people who are interested in “making it happen.”