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We can design it!

Our Process

The Comprehensive 4D Approach

At 91Squarefeet, the design team follows a comprehensive 4Ds approach to their work. This approach entails the following steps.


Understand the challenge at hand and assess the current status quotient. Identify the issues that need to be addressed and the goals to be achieved.


Envision the optimal solution. Imagine how the project would look and function without any limitations. This step allows for creative thinking and exploration.


Transition from the idealized vision to the practical world. Craft a solution that takes real-world constraints into account & achieve the best possible outcome.


Bring the envisioned design to life. Transform the developed solution into a tangible reality, translating it into the physical or digital realm as per your vision.

Our Portfolio

Take a Glimpse of What We Deliver

At 91Squarefeet, we are thrilled to have cultivated a diverse brand portfolio. We work alongside our clients to build their unique vision in the look, form and function of each store environment. View some of our select projects below!

Embark on a journey of converting your brand vision into an impressive design reality

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Our expertise lies in...

At 91Squarefeet, the design team follows a comprehensive 4Ds approach to their work. This approach entails the following steps.

Foldable flaps create a captivating composition whether products are on display or not showcasing a dynamic and distinct approach to the display system.
We craft vibrant retail identities for the brands who are embarking on their inaugural journey into offline retail. With a keen understanding of the dynamic retail landscape, our team blends strategic insight with artistic finesse to create captivating brand stories and immersive in-store experiences. We transform your vision for offline retail stores into a compelling reality.
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We excel in reviving retail identities for established brands with existing offline footprints. Catering to those poised for expansion, we strategize a harmonious design that seamlessly integrates across their growing network of stores. Leveraging our acute market insights, we reimagine and refresh brand elements while preserving the essence that customers recognize.
3d rendering luxury business meeting and working room in executive office
Our commercial interior design expertise extends to intricate space planning, ensuring optimal functionality while preserving aesthetic finesse. Every material, furniture piece, and fixture is carefully curated, aligning with your vision to create a cohesive and luxurious ambiance. Engage with our 3D design development to witness your ideas evolve into tangible, immersive realities.